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Metal Jewelry

With the popularity of Korean dramas,Korean jewelry dressed by the Korean actress in Korean dramas more concerned women love beauty , most of which belong to metal jewelry, that is, the daily said alloy jewelry.authentic Korea jewelry can ensure beautiful to wear a few years as new, as long as proper maintenance ,does not require use very expensive maintenance water so long as to avoid acid-base and humid environment.

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3-4mm black pearl sets
ID: D649
Lowest Price: $ 14.77
multi-stone earring
ID: D1589
Lowest Price: $ 1.09
glass earrings
ID: D1134
Lowest Price: $ .91
Coral magnet stone bracelet
ID: D1632
Lowest Price: $ 10.44
austrian crystal earrings
ID: D1228
Lowest Price: $ 12
pearl and green rutilated quartz bracelet
ID: D710
Lowest Price: $ 6.13
acrylic pearl bracelet
ID: D673
Lowest Price: $ 1.85
natural crystal necklace
ID: D247
Lowest Price: $ 4.62
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